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Calling all Canberra EfM Alumni

Past students of EfM – whether graduates or not – now gather for a two-hour meeting, usually on the fourth Tuesday of the month. We meet at 6.00 pm at St Paul’s. Every third time we gather during daylight hours on the weekend instead. All past students are welcome, whether you did EfM at St Paul’s or elsewhere. Recent topics of conversation have included a lecture by Dr Val Webb on boundaries and faith, and what might be a distinctive Anglican contribution to notions of Australian identity. Check the St Paul’s weekly bulletin for details, available on the web at St Paul’s Manuka

‘Please de-baptize me’, she said.

“Please de-baptize me,” she said.
The priest’s face crumpled.
“My parents tell me you did it,” she said.
“But I was not consulted. So
Now, undo it.”
The priest’s eyes asked why.
“If it were just about belonging to
This religion and being forgiven,
Then I would stay. If it were just
About believing
This list of doctrines and upholding
This list of rituals,
I’d be OK. But
Your sermon Sunday made
It clear it’s
About more. More
Than I bargained for. So, please,
De-baptize me.”
The priest looked down, said
Nothing. She continued:
“You said baptism sends
Me into the
World to
Love enemies. I don’t. Nor
Do I plan to. You said it means
Being willing to stand
Against the flow. I like the flow.
You described it like rethinking
Everything, like joining a
Movement. But
I’m not rethinking or moving anywhere.
So un-baptize me. Please.”
The priest began to weep. Soon
Great sobs rose from his deepest heart.
He took off his glasses, blew his nose, took
Three tissues to dry his eyes.
“These are tears of joy,” he said.
“I think you
Are the first person who ever
Truly listened or understood.”
“So,” she said,
“Will you? Please?”

Brian McLaren

Thanks to Brian McLaren for permission to reproduce his thought-provoking words: for more visit his website