EfM Alumni

Mission and Purpose

 To continue the community of learning established in EFM … because exploring faith still matters …

To support EFM Australia:

  • by supporting ministry in the local context
  • with further exploration of faith matters through theological reflection, conversation, study and fellowship.

 Criteria for membership

Alumni groups normally consist of people who have completed four years of EFM and who wish to share in the mission and purpose of the EFM Alumni. However, Alumni groups are also open to those who have not yet completed the whole program.

If you are interested in joining an Alumni group, having completed EfM in the past, please contact the National Office for details of the group nearest  to you.

Recommendations for Alumni Group life

  • How many times to meet?   At least four times per year but in general what is needed to maintain an effective learning community.
  • An accredited mentor to lead the Alumni group. This is the person who holds the group in their mind and looks forward.

Groups would commit themselves to:

  • Worship
  • Table fellowship
  • Reflective learning about faith and ministry
  • Sharing in one of the suggested learning activities on the Alumni website
  • A donation is to be requested from each Alumni group and will be used to promote EFM.

Alumni will be able to purchase (at a later date)Slide2

  • an Alumni pin
  • an EFM bag